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The Rooibos Discovery… still changing lives 40+ years later.
In 1968 Dr Annique Theron stumbled across the natural healing powers of the South African herb, Rooibos, when she warmed Lorinda, her allergic baby’s bottle with warm Rooibos tea. For the first time since birth, Lorinda slept through the night and her allergic reactions to even mother’s milk calmed down.

Dr Theron considered that the Rooibos tea she had given her daughter could be the only factor to have caused this change and so she began to investigate her theory. Despite facing many challenges as a women trying to prove her findings, she set out with a vision to create life-changing opportunities for all.

The Rooibos Connection.

What makes Annique’s products unique is that they contain Rooibos extract, which has been a trusted and scientifically proven remedy over the past few decades. Rooibos has many healing properties, including that it isThe Rooibos Connection

– Anti-allergic;
– Anti-spasmodic;
– Anti-bacterial;
– Anti-ageing;
– Anti-viral;
– Anti-carcenogenic; and
– Antioxidant.
Furthermore, pure Rooibos leaves contain no caffeine and are very low in tannin.

Unique skin-care practices.

A leader in the South African health and beauty industry, Annique’s products are manufactured in South Africa. What makes the Annique skin-care range even more exceptional are the following six practises that we promote:

Cleanse only once a day, at night, to avoid disturbing the skin’s delicate pH balance too much.
Press cream onto face instead of rubbing it in, so that the skin is not stretched and irritated as much.
Moisturise up to eight times per day
Use sun protection as part of the daily Annique skin-care routine
Apply a pH Balancing Freshener as the last step in your skin-care regime
Use the Annique foundation as part of the Annique skin-care routine for anti-ageing and moisturising abilities.


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